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Intro to Geocaching

So what is Geocaching anyway?

In a nutshell Geocaching is a game that involves using billion dollar satellites to find a piece of tupperware filled with trinkets that's hidden in the woods somewhere.

Now, on a more serious note......Geocaching is a fast growing hobby that uses Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology.  The game is played using a GPS reciever or GPSr.  A Smartphone with a GPS chip can also be used, although they tend not to be as accurate as dedicated units.  There are geocaches placed all over the world that are hidden and maintained by other geocachers.  Each cache has its own page on that contains a set of GPS coordinates.  The coordinates can be entered into your GPSr at which point you can use the GPSr to lead you to the hiding place.  The GPSr will only get you close however, even with today's best technology it usually can only get you within 10ft with ideal conditions.  This is when the real fun starts, you have to use your eyes, hands, and most of all, instincts to find the hidden container.  Upon finding the container you will sign the log using your handle.  You may find some "swag" or trinkets contained within that you may trade for.  More on this subject Later.  While finding a geocache can be quite exciting, oftentimes the point of the cache is to take you to a place that is spectacular in some way.  It might be a wonderful view, or a historic site, or maybe it was a nice hike to get there.  Whatever the case may be, finding the cache is only part of the enjoyment of this hobby.