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November 20, 2011

Cemetery Caches: Cool or Creepy?

Made the trip an hour south today to go grocery shopping as we usually do twice a month.  We save a great deal of money over our local grocery store so it makes it worth the drive.  Another great thing about driving an hour south is the opportunity to hit a couple of Geocaches that are a bit further from home.  Today was no different.  I ran a quick pocket query to find caches along the route only looking about 1 mile on either side of Interstate 93.  I spotted a cache near Exit 23 that was located in a cemetery.  I had just completed a bookmark list of cemetery caches in New Hampshire a few days ago so I thought I'd go ahead and check one of them off by going after this cache.

 Upon arrival we noted that it was a very long narrow cemetery that took up what appeared to be quite a few acres.  There were some paved paths to drive the Geo-Mobile on so we turned in through an open wrought iron gate and proceeded down the narrow paved road closer to Ground Zero.  Found a nice little spot to park out of the way, grabbed what I call my short distance bag and continued on foot.  My wife accompanied me towards the cache known as The Blood Family - New Hampton Cemetery.  As we neared Ground Zero it was evident how the cache got its name.  There was a beautiful granite bench with the family name "Blood" scribed in the front, with 2 family member's head stones a bit further in front.  I was able to make quick work of the cache once I peeked at the hint, good thing too because the coordinates had me searching nearly 60ft away.  I signed a somewhat damp log in a not quite water tight container, dropped a travel bug and picked up a new one to log and move on.  Because I'm new to blogging, and somewhat new to geocaching still, I failed to take any pictures to include in my post.  However, I intend to be more astute in the future and provide some imagery for everyone to see.

I want to leave you with something to ponder that came about whilst searching for this cache.  Is caching in a cemetery fun, or a bit creepy?  My wife seems to agree with the latter, while we both enjoy reading old headstones and walking through the cemeteries she has a small reservation about "playing games around the dead".  Her comment was "People are buried here to rest in peace, and we come here and disturb them by playing a game".  I of course had a rebuttal in which I suggested that we were also paying our respects by visiting those who have passed, it's not all about the game.  So what does the rest of the Geocaching community think about caching in cemeteries, Cool or Creepy?

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  1. I think I fall somewhere down the middle on this topic. See my post on the same here -
    Nice work!