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November 19, 2011

Safety for Fall Caching

Geocaching in the Fall can be hazardous to your health, especially if you venture into popular hunting areas.  There are a few precautions that you can take to stay safe and enjoy caching in the fall.  The single most important thing about caching during hunting season is to wear Blaze Orange.  I would recommend at least an orange hat like the one pictured below.  Adding a vest to your ensemble makes you that much more visible.

 A little bit of research can help you stay safe as well.  Many people who don't hunt have no idea when hunting seasons start and ends.  Knowing what seasons are open and when will key you in on when you should be wearing your blaze orange attire.  Most states have a booklet of some type at the local hunting store, or even Wal-mart that will list these dates.  Alternatively this website contains the webpages for the wildlife agencies of each state.
  Simply click on your state on the map and it will bring you to the corresponding webpage.  Then just search for the hunting section of that site and you should be able to find a listing of all the hunting dates for your state.

Unfortunately safety in the woods is all to fresh in my mind.  A little over a week ago here in NH we had two hunting accidents on the first day of Rifle season.  Downstate a man was accidentally shot in the butt by his hunting party, luckily the injury was relatively minor and he was able to walk out of the woods.  There was another accident very close to my home in which the victim was not so lucky.  A man was walking in the woods with his hunting party when he was shot in the throat by another hunter who was shooting at a deer.  He died almost instantly, he was NOT wearing any orange.  It was a tragic incident that has affected many people in this area.  So PLEASE wear orange during hunting season when out Geocaching, and remember to have fun!

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