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November 24, 2011

An Exciting Week in Geocaching for Me

Greetings everyone!  I have had a somewhat exciting week in Geocaching with a few firsts for me.  On monday of this week I had a first find of this particular sometimes overused hide.  It was a skirt hide, or Lamp Post Cache as some may call it.  Quite a typical hide of its type but it was the first one I had ever done.  Lucky for me there aren't an over abundance of these in the area or I might have rolled my eyes as I pulled into Ground Zero.

On Tuesday I decided to grab a cache on my way home from work, the problem was I didn't have my Garmin eTrex with me.  Lucky for me I do have a Motorola Droid with the app c:geo installed on it.  I was able to pull up the cache I was interested in and use my Droid to navigate me to the cache.  I was impressed, my Droid seemed to be pretty accurate and I was able to make a quick find.  Now it wasn't an overly difficult cache either and I plan to stick to my Garmin in most cases.  It's nice to know I can rely on my phone in a pinch though.

Fast forward to Wednesday.  6 inches of snow fell in Littleton, NH overnight Tuesday and through the day on Wednesday.  That didn't stop me from grabbing a cache on the way home again tonight.  This was my first cache find in the snow!  Surprised I found it as it was covered by a few inches of snow.  The coordinates were dead on which helped, I was able to walk almost right up to it.  Saw some sticks poking out of the snow and thought that might be a clue.  Sure enough, there it was!  Victory was mine yet again.

Today (thursday) of course is Thanksgiving.  For the past week I've been planning a little caching adventure for today.  I was hoping to hit at least 20 caches, and had about 32 on my list.  Well I was able to hit 17 before time snuck up on me and I had to dash home for Turkey Dinner.  However, 17 was enough to make my record finds for one day and also to put me over my 50 cache milestone.  I was also able to enjoy a few areas today on my way to some caches.  Check out this picture of the Bath, NH covered bridge.

Because I also found a cache on last Sunday this made for 5 straight days of Geocaching, another record for me!  All in all it was a great week for me in Geocaching and also made me realize that the snow might slow me down a bit, but there's plenty of caches to be had even in the winter!


  1. Five straight days! You are so lucky..... I just have been so busy BUT all is not lost, we are planning some caching next weekend! I can't wait!
    Nice post!

  2. Congrats on the first cache find in the snow. Backup GPS app saves the day. Great post.