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December 11, 2011

X-mas is almost upon us!

Christmas is fast approaching and much of my time has been dedicated to finding decent gifts for the wife and kids.  That coupled with the cold weather we've been having has certainly slowed me down in terms of geocaching.  I'm hoping to pick things back up after X-mas though and do some winter caching.

What exactly am I hoping Santa brings me?
  Well in terms of geocaching I'm hoping to get a few travel bug dog tags so I can send  some trackables out into the wild.  This is something I've not done yet, I have found geocaches, I've hidden geocaches, and I've found trackables and moved them along.  However I've yet to send out my own trackable so I'm somewhat excited to give this a try.  Of course lock n' lock containers are always a nice addition to any geocacher's arsenal although I expect I may not hide many caches till spring hits.  One thing I'm hoping for is not neccesarily a geocaching item but I will certainly be using it for such and that is a set of snowshoes.  I've never tried snowshoeing, although I've done cross country skiing.  I've got a growing list of caches I'd like to go after once the lakes freeze over and I think the snowshoes would be a great help in trekking across the snowy tundra!  I can't wait to get back out there and find some winter caches!

Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy caching to all!

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